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New Canadian releases: Enservio ContentsExpress and GoTime Inspection (coming soon)

Enservio’s ContentsExpress self-service module has allowed thousands of homeowners to accurately self-report content losses

Unfortunately, natural disasters are unavoidable in many parts of the world. Be it flood, fire, hail or some other catastrophe, these devastating events test the limits of emergency response units, community leaders and of course, insurer response teams.

Most Canadian insurers are familiar with Audatex’s auto solutions for Cats, which ultimately help insureds get back into a vehicle faster—either their existing mode of transport or a new one.
They may not be as familiar with our Enservio property contents solution, which quickly and accurately values household contents. Enservio ContentsExpress, newly released in Canada, has a self-service module that allows insureds to document their household items online and submit their claim. The system then automatically finds the best match from major retailers such as Canadian Tire or Best Buy. In recent testing, Enservio’s ContentsExpress system increased pricing accuracy by double-digit percentage points for major Canadian insurers.

By enabling the insured to catalogue their losses, it frees up valuable time for the adjustor to focus on what he or she does best—adjusting! In addition to improving customer satisfaction, ContentsExpress can significantly speed up the settlement process, particularly in circumstances that stretch resources, such as a natural disaster.

Thousands of Hurricane Irma victims used ContentsExpress self-service in Florida, and we’re hopeful that our solution has helped in some small way for those affected by this tragedy.

COMING SOON: GoTime Inspection

Mobile app that speeds up the estimating process for shops and staff

Coming soon to Canada: GoTime Inspection (GTI) is a mobile app that makes it easier for appraisers and shops alike to capture images and provide remarks on a damaged vehicle.
In theory, all electronic estimates should be written at the vehicle. In practice, many are not. Appraisers and estimators still take paper notes at the vehicle and then later create the estimate at their computer. They then need to match up the photos from their digital camera to the estimate, which can be a task tougher than it sounds, especially after a long day on the road of viewing multiple vehicles.

GoTime Inspection eliminates much of this manual work. Using a smartphone, the appraiser simply scans the VIN and starts taking photos. GTI’s mandatory photo fields (four corners, damage views) help ensure that nothing is missed.  A ‘comments’ section enables quick note-taking. Regardless if it’s an appraiser out in the field or a shop estimator twenty feet from her PC, images and text are automatically imported into the claim file through the cloud, allowing staff to carry on with completing the estimate as soon as they are back at their primary computer.

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