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Get Accurate Pre-Repair Estimates in Less Than Three Minutes with Qapter Intelligent Estimating

Qapter Visual Intelligence (VI) Can Reduce Estimate Cycle Time by 50%

Insurance companies have long been interested and invested in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the automotive claims process – and the pandemic only accelerated its prevalence. The main benefit during the pandemic has been touchless engagements. However, they also cite benefits such as efficiency, consistency, and timeliness and encourage all employees, business partners, and customers to use their AI-driven tools.

That’s great for insurance companies – but they are only one part of the claims and collision repairs process. What would it look like if body shops and their repair professionals had access to the same technology without the requirements of any specific carrier claims workflow? What if the technology provided body shops an ability to repair regardless of a customer’s insurance carrier? Solera has provided the answer with VI-powered Qapter® Intelligent Estimating.

Qapter Intelligent Estimating uses AI that combines machine learning and computer vision algorithms with our signature Repair Science™ to automatically detect damage and produce a professional, line-by-line repair estimate with speed and accuracy. Repair Science™ is our proprietary method of bringing together repair data with repair technology spanning 50 years. It incorporates a rich data lake of 1 billion images and more than 300 million worldwide claims.

With Qapter Intelligent Estimating, body shops can now harness the same powerful technology insurance companies use to save time, save money, and generate more accurate and consistent estimates without the prerequisite relationship or specific claims workflow. This technology makes preliminary estimating easy both in the shop and on the go – all you need is a tablet.

Our web-based, user-friendly platform features Qapter Guided Image Capture process with patented vehicle mask technology to help generate better images for processing. AI evaluates the images and pinpoints the damage type and location within seconds: it can create a pre-estimate in under three minutes. Qapter Intelligent Estimating makes it possible for any body shop employee or customer to take photos, trigger the estimating process, and deliver a preliminary estimate by the time they return to their desk or shop floor.

As part of the full estimate, Qapter Intelligent Estimating will provide improved triage recommendations as well as a list of the right parts and the most accurate and safe repair methodology all backed by our Repair Science methodology. Our unique advanced 3D modeling feature makes it easy for a repair professional or other skilled body shop employee to review what AI sees and make any necessary adjustments based on their own expertise.

Qapter Intelligent Estimating powered by VI:
• Is based on 100,000 hours of repair research, 300 million claims, and 1 billion images
• Can detect more than 2000 vehicle models over 200+ OEMs
• Features 7.9 million part numbers
• Cuts supplemental estimate costs by more than 25%
• Reduces estimate cycle time by more than 50%
• Includes motorcycle coverage

The future of body shops is here.

Qapter for body shops is fast, accurate, efficient, and mobile. Write the right estimate the first time, every time with Qapter Intelligent Estimating. Learn more.

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