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Reduce Parts Selection Process Time by Two-Thirds with APU Intelligence

New APU Upgrade Leverages Millions of HIC Records to Accurately Preselect Part Type Every Time

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are a popular topic in the automotive industry. While most of the headlines focus on how AI and ML facilitate new technologies such as advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and the current state of autonomous vehicles, there are also a wide variety of uses more directly related to the collision industry.

For example, AI and ML are now powering intelligent claims routing and photo-to-estimate solutions, such as Solera’s AudaTarget and Qapter Visual intelligence, respectively. However, there is an equally powerful use for AI and ML in the parts selection process.

Parts not only represent close to half of the total repair cost, but their selection process also requires a significant amount of time and effort to manage. These two factors make it extremely important to get parts ordering right the first time.

The need for an efficient and accurate parts ordering process is why Solera developed APU Intelligence. APU Intelligence is an AI and ML-based, parts-sourcing solution powered by years of aggregated parts queries. The solution uses AI and ML to preselect part types as they map to the Hollander Interchange (HIC).

For those unfamiliar with APU and Hollander:

  • APU’s web-based network provides nationwide parts availability, quality, pricing, procurement, and tools to track and manage Alternative Parts Utilization. Its real-time inventory access combined with our professional support teams make APU Solutions the clear choice to boost alternative parts utilization (APU).
  • Hollander provides the world’s largest database for identifying which parts fit or can“interchange” between vehicles agnostic to make or model for virtually every car or light truck on the road. For example, if you have a 1969 Corvette that needs a timing cover, HIC will identify and source a compatible part regardless of make or model. Your timing cover may ultimately be sourced from a 1076 GMC truck.

Solera provides APU Intelligence as part of our new APU upgrade, which is now available to our Canadian customers. APU Intelligence users typically experience a two-thirds reduction in keystrokes compared to the previous version, which can significantly reduce the parts selection decision-making process for a staff appraiser or shop estimator.

There are some parts for which there is no single “right” HIC choice for a given original equipment manufacturer (OEM), resulting in a more subjective parts selection process. Wheels are an excellent example. Consider the 2011 Toyota Camry: APU Intelligence is 85.8% confident that it has 16-inch, seven-spoke alloy wheels.


However, there is a small, 6.6% chance that it has 17-inch alloy wheels and a tiny, 2% chance it has one of many other potential wheel options instead. The staff appraiser or shop estimator can then use this information to confidently select the correct option and proceed through the estimating process.



Plus, this AI and ML-powered enhancement isn’t the only thing making it both easier and faster to source the right alternative part. This APU upgrade also features an approximately 50% reduction in search processing time (from an average of one minute to 30 seconds) and a fresh, new look and feel.

Click here to learn more about APU Intelligence and how you can save time and money ordering the right part for the right vehicle.

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