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Working in an Uncommon Culture

A Company Culture that Really Stands Apart

Having joined Audatex Canada, a part of the Solera Group, this June, I’ve been busy adapting to a new culture, learning a new industry, and delivering on my 1-30 (day action plans). Having spent the past five years working in the HR/ Payroll software services, I am versed on the importance of employee engagement and creating a workplace culture in which teams and individuals thrive. According to Gallup Research and interpreted by Torben Rick, a company with high employee engagement has 37% lower absenteeism, 21% high productivity, 22% higher profitability, and more. When it comes to employee engagement, Audatex and Solera’s core values focus on personal accountability, empowering the individual and fostering rapid change – all by the numbers. These principles have allowed the company to grow to operate in over 75 countries and serve over 180,000 customers.

Interpreting the Numbers
There are a series of posters that hang in the reception area corridor – each tasked with defining and reminding us of what drives our culture.

Think 80/20: Focus individual efforts on the 20% of effort that produces 80% of the results.

It’s very common to hear, “You’re the 80. Who’s the 80? I’ll be your 20,” in meetings and as you pass colleagues in the hall. When applied in team meetings, being an 80 means that you’re the owner of a project with your 20’s being your mentors assigned to not let you fail. A 20 can come from any level in the organization and from almost any team, company, or country. Another interpretation of Thinking 80/20 lends to focusing on 80% of our efforts on our customers and 20% internally. We always took to build value.

Act 30/30: Reduce waste by 30% and increase capacity by 30%.

This is my favourite of the three core values as it mirrors my personal goals of reducing waste. At work, it translates to reducing waste over cost. Team members are encouraged to share ideas to better the business. (One that immediately springs to mind is that we should format our printers to a default to printing on double-sided unless otherwise selected.) The ability to increase capacity is fuelled by a passion to deliver innovative solutions and operational efficiencies for our clients. This translates to bringing products to the automotive claims and repaid shop markets that deliver a minimum 4:1 ROI.

Live 90/10: Personally assume 90% of the accountability for team-based projects with the remaining 10% of accountability to colleagues.

Can you recall those higher education “team” projects where inevitably one or two people ended-up doing the work of the whole group (or at least picking-up the slack for the missing college-mate)? Our principles work to prevent that by mandating 90% project/ task ownership. Solera calls it the “we’ve got your back” commitment to create a global environment that encourages collaboration and accountability. This extends beyond your immediate mission – at Audatex, team members own the past, present and future of their mission.

What this means….
With a company motto of “doing it right, doing it better, and doing it different”, the companies’ values are not for the ordinary. Solera and its business units process over 230 million transactions annually – that’s seven transactions every second! For those looking to do extraordinary work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial and innovative environment where you can leverage the best of global technologies and business practises, this may just be the place you’re looking to launch your career. View our current openings.

Jessica Shields is a Sr Product Marketing Manager. She’s seasoned in marketing management with a focus on product marketing, channel and partner management. Jessica has a passion for making products easier to sell and for customers to purchase.

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