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Parts Availability and Procurement Options in Seconds: Pioneering a New Frontier for Body Shops

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Parts Availability and Procurement Options in Seconds: Pioneering a New Frontier for Body Shops

For many independent body shop owners and MSOs, the automation benefits from using APU as part of the Direct Repair Program with their insurance partners has helped them to save time, automate the parts procurement process, and conform to each insurance company’s compliance guidelines. After so much success in streamlining the repair workflow and reducing cycle time, one question needed to be asked: why would APU be limited to only the repairs within a DRP?

Bringing the Automation from Insurance to the Everyday Body Shop

For years, the use of APU in the insurance industry has helped to increase alternative parts usage and provide visibility into the repair process, helping carriers control repair costs on every estimate. Imagine how this can change the situation for the everyday body shop, who isn’t part of a DRP: the opportunity to use advanced parts sourcing technology to locate recycled, aftermarket, salvaged, reconditioned, and surplus OE parts in real-time by tapping into an extensive network of qualified parts suppliers (the same ones used by insurers and DRP partners). The everyday body shop now stands to have a more streamlined, consistent parts sourcing process that allows them to be highly competitive in their local market.

Achieving Consistency in a Shop’s Workflow

Having APU for Body Shops as a part of the repair facility’s overall process will also mean that the parts sourcing and procurement stage becomes consistent for the shop on every repair. Whether it is an insurance estimate or a customer pay, the repair shop will undergo the same automated process of choosing the assemblies related to the parts required and instantly order the most suitable and cost effective parts available from the supplier network. This results in a process that is consistent each time, regardless of client type; as opposed to the current situation, where it is likely APU is being used for an insurance claim, while the traditional method of calling and faxing suppliers to find parts is still the practise for walk-in customers who are not using insurance. This enables a shop’s workflow to be streamlined and predictable so that it is easy to operate and manage–the end result is a speedy repair for all vehicle owners.

Access that Enables Competitive Estimates for Every Customer

Body shop owners are always looking for ways to increase their odds of winning walk-in customers who aren’t using insurance. It’s no secret that these customers are more informed and open to shopping around for the best price. Traditionally, shops will be using the phone and fax sourcing method with their most reliable parts suppliers to quote the job. Yet this method may no longer be the best in ensuring the quotation they provide is the most competitive in their market. With the possibilities that APU for Body Shops brings to the table, shop owners can now harness the parts supplier network to scan and match the best part for the job in real time, with up-to-date inventory availability and order what’s required instantly. This means a truly competitive quotation can be provided to win business and an automated procurement process that gets the repair started faster, helping to reduce turnaround time for customers. A true win-win.

APU for Body Shops: Key Features

When shops arrive at the new frontier, they’ll experience a fully automated parts procurement process that enables direct communication between them and their parts suppliers. APU for Body Shops will reduce administration and paperwork and increase parts sourcing and shop workflow consistency.

  • Parts Comparison. Easily compare available offered parts by source (Aftermarket/Recycled) and price.
  • Quick Ordering. Find, compare, price, and order parts in just a few clicks.
  • Quoting Module. Allow your preferred suppliers to quote against parts orders.
  • Performance Reports. Track and measure purchase statistics, and compare suppliers, parts types, and response time.
  • Integrates with Audatex Estimating and other leading estimating systems. For shops participating in DRPs, APU for Body Shops is directly integrated with the industry’s leading estimating systems.

Starting to see how the automation of every repair job in your shop can add to your bottom line? Learn more about APU for Shops today!

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