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How to improve the claims experience and increase customer satisfaction

When it comes to handling drivable claims, managing customer expectations is a top priority. Today’s consumers are becoming wiser than ever, with an overwhelming amount of information available to them. Businesses that want to continuously thrive need to stay on top of consumer expectations.

A recent study by J.D. Power and Associates found that in 2015, Canadian drivers significantly less satisfied with their auto insurance processes compared to 2014. The Canadian Auto Claims Satisfaction study surveyed over 2500 drivers and found that satisfaction with auto insurance processes decreased 16 points on a 1000-point rating scale. Additionally, claims processing time is up from 14.2 days reported in 2014, to 15.5 days.Higher processing time for handling drivable claims could be the explanation for a drop in customer satisfaction this year compared to previous years.

The Collision Repair Experience survey conducted by AudaExplore and Audatex found that keeping customers in the loop throughout the repair process positively impacts customer satisfaction, no matter how long the process may take.

Our research shows that consumer communication is the solution to increasing customer satisfaction. Our Collision Repair Experience survey collected data from over a 1000 vehicle owners recently involved in repairable loss accidents. The findings showed that 62 per cent of participants would find value in receiving electronic status updates throughout the repair process. Additionally, on a rating scale of importance from 1 to 5 (1 being least important and 5 being most important), the respondents ranked keeping informed throughout the repair process as most important at an average of 4.2 points.

Customers are always looking to gain more information, so delivering a great customer experience in a manner that is timely and accessible is the key to better managing customer expectations.

Ryding Autobody has first hand knowledge of this. The AudaWatch platform has allowed the shop to share timely updates to customers online, at their convenience. Ryding has been using AudaWatch for over two years, and reports higher customer satisfaction and reduced cycle times. Since switching to the solution, Mark Delorenzo, shop manager, has seen a smoother workflow and streamlined communication between customers and the shop, eliminating unnecessary follow-up phone calls.

Aside from greater customer satisfaction, DeLorenzo was surprised to see an increase in shop interaction online. The Toronto based repair facility reports an upsurge in social media engagement as a result of implementing the platform. This proves that investing in the right tools to help manage claims, and organize your shop processes will contribute to greater customer satisfaction.

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