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Business Analytics

Monitor Critical Data and Drive Better Business Results

The amount of data being generated by businesses and their customers today is exploding. Analyzing large data sets is criti­cal for the success of any organiza­tion. Data analytics is a key basis of competition, to uncover new ways to drive in­novation, and improve customer experience.

The increasing volume and detail of information captured by en­terprises, the proliferation of in­telligent vehicles, cross platform integration, and the Internet of Things that enables communication among physical objects fuels this exponential growth in data.

The need for someone to make sense of it all and help business­es make better operating deci­sions in real-time is imperative. This is where Audatex Canada provides tremendous value and leadership with our in­dustry leading analytics platform. Our focus is to provide solutions for the industry – intelligent col­lision estimating, total loss man­agement, parts interchange and business analytics and reporting solutions among others.

Audatex Insight effectively monitors, measures and manages claim performance and loss experience. It is a web-based business intelligence platform that is transforming the auto claims processing industry. Insight provides customers access to global indus­try data and reporting analytics combined with local market in­telligence algorithms providing a rich set of performance indica­tors that are truly meaningful. Audatex Insight is the industry’s leading business intelligence solution.

With Audatex Insight, you spend less time manipulating data and more time leveraging actionable business intelligence. Key features and benefits include:

Rich Claims Data
Base your business insight on a solid data foundation.

Visual Information
Interactive dashboards let you visualize multiple dimensions of your business at once.

Customized Reports
Get answers to your specific business questions — quickly and easily.

Role-Specific Intelligence
Empower users throughout the organization.

Up-to-Date Analytics
Drive sound business decisions with the most up-to-date information.

Easy Web Access
Information via the latest web-based business intelligence technology.

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