Introducing Shop Recoverables

Recoverables alerts estimators about overlooked items before the estimate is given to the customer or insurer. A report integrated within the Audatex Estimating workflow clearly identifies these revenue opportunities, which can then be added to the estimate prior to upload or printing.

Earn back hundreds of dollars per month

Missed items add up. Let Recoverables find them for you.


We performed a study on over 2,700 random estimates, checking to see how many items they missed. High volume shops were missing out on nearly $400 per month!


This Audatex Estimating add-on does not impact your regular workflow. There is minimal to no training involved: this product only adds a few clicks to the process you're used to.


We're saving you hundreds a month, but we're not charging hundreds. Fill out the form below or give us a call to have a chat about your pricing options.

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The Recoverables Study

For a shop that does 30 estimates/month, our independent research demonstrates that this add-on could save upwards of $400—every month!

Solera took 2,700 random estimates from our database, and checked them for missing items based on the nature of the repair. The results were eye opening. Over half the estimates forgot a car cover charge. Nearly half did not include Clean & Retape for a molding R&I. Those two items charge out at about $17 together… if you’re missing them half the time, that’s $8.50 per estimate left on the table. Multiply that by your number of estimates per month and it really starts to add up!

It’s not just those two. We looked at over 110 recoverable items. The range of forgetfulness was between 5% and 52%. Here are details on the top four:

Item nameDetail% of claims that forgot to addAvg item charge$ left on table per estimate$ left on table @ 15 estimates per month$ left on table @ 30 estimates per month$ left on table @ 45 estimates per month
Car CoverEstimate has refinish, but no cover car materials52%$5.00$2.60$39.00$78.00$117.00
Clean & RetapeMolding R&I'd, but no clean & retape41%$12.00$4.92$73.80$147.60$221.40
Flex AdditiveBumper cover refinished, no flex additive34%$8.00$2.72$40.80$81.60$122.40
Mask InteriorMissing time/material to mask interior surfaces25%$10.00$2.50$37.50$75.00$112.50

Many other items had a “miss” rate in the 5% to 24% range, including things like Aim Headlights & Foglamps, Hazardous Waste Removal, Glass Cleanup, etc. Even if it’s only a buck or two left on the table per estimate, across dozens of items and estimates every month, the savings potential is huge!

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